sailquest.net is a free and easy to use tool designed for sailing clubs, boat owners, crew, and people who are keen to get on the water and go sailing. sailquest.net is a very powerful resource tool, that simply links sailing club events to boat owners, but most importantly to inform crew that free spaces are available on boats.
We have designed sailquest.net so it's quick and ultra easy to get new people on the water & sailing!
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Manage Fleets

With one touch of a screen, or a click of a mouse, all the boats and crew in your sailing club fleets can be notified and updated immediately. i.e., that sailing is cancelled due to bad weather, or happy hour at the bar. sailquest.net keeps all your club sailors up to date and on the water, or in your club! sailquest.net is designed so that sailing boat owners and crew can be notified with up to the minute sailing related news feeds.
sailquest.net is a closed loop system which is specifically designed for sailing club & yacht club use only.
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Organises Crew

All you boat owners have to do is join sailquest.net and add how many crew you need to sail. If one of your crew can't make it, or you just need extra weight on the rail, or if you want to take on a novice, all you have to do is deselect a box and sailquest.net lets all suitable, available crew know that there's a ride available. Once the boat owners accepts the crew's request, sailquest.net fills the space.
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Go Sailing

Sailing clubs, boat owners and crew rejoice! sailquest.net uses the power of the internet to manage, find and get new sailors on the water. Anyone looking to crew, learn to sail, wants to get on the water, or just go sailing will find sailquest.net on the web. Once there, all crew have to do is add the sailing clubs they wish to sail at, fill in their particulars and sailquest.net does the rest!
Do you want to go sailing at your local sailing club? Join sailquest.net, enter your sailing experience and where you would like to sail, and let sailquest.net do the rest!
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sailquest.net on the move.

Sailing clubs can inform boat owners and crew of events, regattas and current weather situations on and off the the water.
Boat owners can keep in touch with their crew and find new crew instantly with a touch of the screen, or a couple of clicks of a mouse.
Crew wanting to go sailing are kept up to date from boat owners who need crew.
New sailors keen to learn to sail and get on the water, can get direct access to their local sailing clubs and boat owners needing crew.

Great for fleet management

Up to date instant sailing related news feeds

Contact all available crew at once

Find new crew

Find a ride local to you

Easy access to local sailing club boat owners

Our Team

Daryl Geary Sailor. Daryl has been crewing on boats regularly since 2000 and now he races his own dinghy. He has crewed on many different types of boats including; yachts, sports boats, cateramans and dinghies. Daryl Geary Sailor/Inventor/Designer +

I'm passionate about sailing. I rediscovered this by chance on a year's working visa whilst traveling through Australia, where for the first time I stepped on to a dinghy. Some time after my travels I returned to my hometown Torquay from London and found myself touting about down the harbour as I did as a ten year old trying to hitch a ride on a boat. In 2000 I got a ride at my local sailing club and have been crewing and sailing ever since.
I'm a great believer that the best way to learn how to sail is to crew on as many boats as possible, and there's plenty of boats out there looking for crew!

Rachel Geary Sailor. Rachel has been sailing since the age of six. Rachels family sails yachts and now she crews on a RS400 dinghy with her husband Daryl Rachel Geary Sailor/Analyst/Acupuncturist

I was lucky enough to start sailing at a young age – my dad has always been a big fan and we spent many a summer holiday romping across the Channel and my cousin Jo and I spent hours in full oilies hanging our legs over the side, getting soaked as we crashed through the waves.
Fast forward 20 years and I found myself on a boat with my dad again. He had always wanted to sail across the Atlantic and in 2008 his plans came to fruition. Then at the last minute one of his crew couldn't make it, so dad rang me and I did the leg from Bermuda to the Azores. It took 17 days, three of them in a Storm Force 11. Happily, during those fretful hours, I was able to put my life in order and I decided I had to get home because I was going to marry Daryl (previously his only relationship to me had been as my landlord!) Daryl turned out to have an RS400 and the rest, as they say, is history Marvellous! We have since had many happy adventures on that boat and I would wholeheartedly encourage everyone to give sailing a try.

Peter Ricketts. Publicity, writing, and editing. Peter Ricketts Publicity, writing, editing

After a lifetime as a leading provincial newspaper man, Peter “retired” and entered a busy new life editing a string of company newspapers, started a corporate golf days business, and then edited a golf magazine. While golf has always been his passion, he takes a lively interest in all sports, including sailing, and looks forward to helping sailquest.net to become the nationwide success it is bound to be. He also has a personal interest - Daryl Geary is his stepson and, says Peter, “Daryl is a wonderful free spirit with an impeccable integrity. He’s a breath of fresh air in a murky world.”

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"This is an excellent site ................. and such a good idea. Happy sailing!"

Jean Border - Border Photos

"Thanks, looks interesting. We have a couple of ways in which this would be useful. We have just bought the club a Cork 1720 to boost the pool of keelboat racers so anything to manage the crew lists would be really useful."

Ray Potter - Teign Corinthian Yacht Club

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